Our Scott’s favourite cake

Scott is our dynamic Manager who oversees everything in the Tearoom. You will mainly find him serving our lovely customers and supporting the team. Though don’t be surprised if you see him kneading scone dough, cooking a batch of homemade soup or fixing the till, he’s a very hands-on manager who jumps in to support his busy team, whatever is needed!

Scott, what is your favourite cake?

Our Cherry & Almond cupcake! It’s deliciously sweet and so scrumptious. The homemade cherry compote in the centre is divine and I could enjoy this cake, anytime day or night! If I were to accompany it with anything it would probably be another one! 🙂

I love this cake alongside a black coffee.

A bit more about our Cherry & Almond cake…

Our almond sponge is filled with our homemade cherry compote. Topped with vanilla buttercream with a purple and almond swirl. Finished with a sparkly cherry! This is a classic Mad Hatters recipe and a firm favourite with our customers!

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